Jiu-Jitsu Training Journal


Planner-Style Notebook to Log Techniques, Goals, Rolling Notes, Session Performance, and Future Improvements.

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Here’s how this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Journal is designed to help accelerate your belt progression:

  • Never forget a BJJ technique again: provides plenty of space to take notes and draw sketches of all the techniques you learn during a session.
  • Learn how to APPLY these techniques while rolling: write up to 4 rolling goals with checkboxes. This helps you stay FOCUSED while rolling, as opposed to aimlessly going through the motions.
  • REFLECT on your rolling performance: write down what was effective for you and what you could have done better. This helps ensure that you continue to improve from one session to the next.
Here are some other features that set this BJJ journal apart from the rest:
  • Quantify your performance by giving yourself a performance rating on a scale from 1 to 10. This way you can go back through your journal, find the days when you scored a 10, and go through the notes for that day so you can replicate your success again and again.
  • Specifically designed to give you extra space for taking copious notes, with 9 lines per technique, lines stretching to the ends of the page, and 2 pages dedicated to each session.
  • The lines for techniques are both faint and dotted, allowing you to use both written notes, and sketches, so you can fully capture all the details of each technique.
And finally, here are some other useful features of this journal:
  • Blank contents pages to fill in yourself, with numbered session pages (makes it easy to find old techniques you wrote about years ago)
  • Class attendance calendar (circle the dates and add up the number of classes you took per month)
  • 120 pages (for 60 sessions worth of notes)
  • Size: 6” x 9” (around 15 x 23 cm — small, easily fits into any gym bag)
  • Premium white paper
  • Soft matt cover

Keeping a jiu-jitsu journal is one of the most powerful learning tools that can accelerate your growth in jiu jitsu. Journaling can make the difference between someone who ends up a black belt, vs. someone who ends up forever stuck in blue-purple territory.

Don’t be one of those guys. Send for a copy of this journal right now, take copious notes, focus on applying one technique every time you roll, and your peers and coach alike will be shocked at how quickly you progress through the belts.

Class Attendance Calendar



Rolling Notes

Self Filling Contents Table

Technique Notes


Based on BJJ training sessions, record up to 60 sessions, with 4 techniques per session, including rolling notes.


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